Are You Ready for Your “Life Olympics?”
by Dr John McHugh, Chiropractor

Hillsdale New Jersey Olympic ChiropractorAre you living life to the fullest?

Now that the 2018 Winter Olympics have ended, I started wondering. How many of you get up every morning feeling like an Olympic athlete?? It may be an unusual question, but think about it. We may not be speed skaters, or cross country skiers, or hockey players, but every day, our bodies are tested in our own “life events”. How many days do we “go for gold”, as opposed to how many days do we just plod along, just hoping to finish the event?

For example, every day we wake up, our events start. Our alarms may not be a starter’s pistol, but they are the start to our day. Do you jump out to a strong start, or do you have to drag yourself, kicking and screaming, out of bed, after stretching over to that snooze button several times?!? Many times, our daily start can be affected by the kind of sleep we got the night before. Do you toss and turn, restlessly? Do you stare at the clock on your nightstand for what seems like hours? Maybe you HAVE to get up, and visit the bathroom once, or several times a night. All of these things can determine whether you get a fast, or “half-fast” start to your day.

Your brain controls everything in your body. Nothing happens without signals from your brain. Your heart beats, your lungs breath, and blood and energy move throughout your body while you sleep. You have no control over this. It just happens through your body’s “innate intelligence”. Your brain tells your body when it’s time to wake up, and when you need sleep. This is called “circadian rhythm” or the “wake-sleep” cycle. Your spinal cord transmits energy from your brain, down through your spine and out to every single organ, and every single one of the 76 TRILLION cells in your body! Your spine protects your spinal cord, but sometimes, when you’re under stress (that NEVER happens, right??), your spine can be pulled and twisted and bent, so that your spinal cord can’t move energy through it, to the organs, muscles, and tissues where it needs to go.

This is called Vertebral Subluxation Complex. When subluxations happen, your organs will start to break down. Maybe you won’t notice it right away, because the body is great at adapting to a crisis. Subluxations can cause things like irregular sleep patterns, an irregular sleep cycle, and even how often you have to go to the bathroom!

Our bodies are constantly under stress. There’s physical stress, like the long jump, out of bed, or the 100 meter sprint to the bathroom. There’s chemical stress, that comes from medications you might be taking, or things that you eat and drink. Your body needs to process and filter these things, and that takes energy too. Then there’s emotional stress, like memory jogging, flying off the handle, or jumping to conclusions.

Emotions have a big impact on how much energy we have, and how much motivation we have to do things we need to do. Additionally, all types of stress can affect your posture, which can affect the spine, and put even more stress on your spinal cord. It’s a vicious cycle!

Olympic athletes spend years and years training and fine tuning their bodies, and their minds to be prepared for the stress of competition against the best athletes in the world. Maybe you’re not going up against the best in the world, but you are competing against yourself. If you don’t take care of your body now, it may break down sooner than you expect it to.

If you’re not feeling like an Olympian when you get up in the morning, maybe your body, and your posture could benefit from a “postural tune up”, using the most advanced Chiropractic technique in the world, Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP). You won’t get a medal, but if we find postural distortions that we can help you fix, you WILL get better mobility and you may even get more energy to help you to manage life’s decathlon.

Go for the gold! Come in to our Hillsdale New Jersey chiropractic clinic today and get your posture checked!

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