How Much Energy Do You Have?
by Dr John McHugh, Chiropractor

Stress and fatigue New Jersey DoctorWhat’s on your agenda for today? How many times did you hit the snooze button this morning. No, really! Did it take more energy to drag yourself out of bed than it will to do anything else in your day? Once you’ve gotten up, do you have any energy left to do anything else? Are you tired? Exhausted? Pooped? Feel like you’ve run a marathon, and gotten almost nothing done? It’s only…. wait… that can’t be right…..10:30 a.m.???

Your body needs energy to function properly. Good dietary habits are essential to the energy the body needs. Your car can’t run without gas in it. If it’s low quality gas, the engine won’t run as efficiently as you might want it to. Exercise is very beneficial as well. Your muscles move your body, and if they’re not strong, it will take more effort for you to perform your daily tasks. Getting enough rest is very important, because you don’t want to be sleepy all day and then wide awake at night. Having a positive mental attitude, and a reason, or motivation, is also a key factor in getting, and maintaining energy throughout your day.

There is one factor, however, that ties all of these other factors together. Your body gets all of it’s energy from one place, initially. That place is your brain. Without your brain and your nervous system, nothing else matters. Without your brain, first off, you have no life energy. You’re dead. You can’t do much when you’re dead. The brain sends energy to the rest of the body. Yes, it relies on nutrition, but the brain regulates your digestive system, to process and extract the nutrients from every morsel of food that you ingest. If your nervous system isn’t working properly, you could wind up with things like acid reflux, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowl syndrome, or worse. If your nervous system isn’t functioning properly, you can eat all the healthy foods you want. It will just pass through and out the other side, leaving you little to no benefit whatsoever.

Your nervous system affects the way you exercise as well. The nerves provide energy for the muscles to move. If this energy is blocked, or diminished, your muscles won’t grow, and they will actually break down, and weaken over time. You won’t be able to exercise as much, or as effectively as you might want to.

Your nervous system determines when you get sleepy, and when you wake up, through the autonomic nervous system. One branch, the sympathetic nervous system, wakes you up, while the other, opposing branch, the parasympathetic nervous system, calms you down, and makes it easier for you to fall asleep. When nerves are blocked, this system can be thrown off, and your sleep cycle, or circadian rhythm can be affected. This may be the reason you’re ready to do pilates at 3 am, but at lunch time, you’re ready for a nap.

Your nervous system can certainly affect your attitude as well. No one is in a good mood when they are in pain, or anxious, or exhausted, or hungry. If you’re all of these things at once, well, WATCH OUT! Your spine and your posture have a tremendous amount to do with your nervous system, and how much energy your body is getting from your brain.

Keep in mind, as I’ve said before, poor posture and spinal subluxations may not hurt at all! You may have no symptoms whatsoever. However, be certain that that lack of energy flowing through your body, to your tissues and all of your organs, is having a devastating effect! For every minute, every hour, every day, week, month and every year that this energy doesn’t get through to your organs, those organs suffer, and are slowly breaking down. Then, one day, when you finally start to feel the effects of years of reduced energy, you go to your doctor, and if he finds something, he’ll give you a diagnosis, and, if you’re lucky, a prescription. This prescription is most likely for a medication that will ease the pain of the symptoms that you’re having, but it won’t do a thing to restore the energy that your organs so desperately rely on! This cycle will continue until the medication doesn’t work anymore, or until you run out of energy.

If you’re running low on energy, DON’T WAIT! Come in, and let’s check your posture, and your nervous system, and see if we can’t give you a boost that your body needs. Our Hillsdale New Jersey chiropractic office has helped hundreds of people live more energetic lives. Everybody wants more energy! Why not you? Why not now?

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