Dr. John McHugh D.C.

Dr. John McHugh

Dr. John McHugh is the founder and owner of Wellness for Life

Dr. McHugh became a chiropractic patient after, while in college, he suffered a fall, while playing a pickup game of roller hockey:

“I was standing in front of the net when someone pulled my skates out from behind me, and I fell on my back, and hit my head on the court. After the fall, like a tough guy, I got back up and continued playing. Within a couple of days, however, my condition deteriorated, and I began to get numbness and tingling down my arms, and into my hands. I began to suffer from debilitating headaches as well. The headaches were so bad, that I would have to stay in my room, in the dark, for a few days, as the light would just make them worse. These things, along with neck, shoulder, and upper back pain and muscle tightness, would continue to get worse for more than 2 years. My parents took me to several doctors, trying to pinpoint the problem, but to no avail. I was taking muscle relaxers, pain killers, sinus pills, you name it. None of it helped for more than a couple of hours.

My neighbor, next door, was a chiropractor, so, I decided to ask him what he thought about my situation. I had never made the connection between chiropractic, and the symptoms I was having. I had never even heard the term ‘subluxation’ before. He invited my parents and me to come to his office, so he could make a more clear assessment of whether he could help me or not.

He explained to me that my problems were all stemming from two misplaced bones in my neck, and that I was not getting the nerve energy to my arms, and back up into my head, and that that was why I was in so much pain. He adjusted me several times, over the next few weeks, and my symptoms were GONE! He then explained to me how important it was to maintain the correct position of my spine, now that he had adjusted me. The rest is history, and I’ve been getting adjusted ever since!”

Dr. McHugh specializes in Family Health chiropractic, and loves adjusting children, especially! In his spare time, Dr. McHugh is a high school and college baseball umpire. He also enjoys playing baseball and ice hockey.