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Massage Therapy Service

When you have soreness in your body, it will generally last a while, especially if the source of that discomfort is still present. Muscles can easily be overworked, causing strain and soreness. If this happens, you will have two choices – either to endure the pain for as long as possible or to seek treatment. Massage therapy at our clinic in Hillsdale, NJ is one of the best ways to release pain and discomfort due to muscle strain and overworking.

If you’re looking for a skilled massage therapist in Hillsdale, look no further than our Wellness for Life clinic in town. We have experienced therapists waiting to relieve your discomfort. Sometimes pain develops as a direct result of some injury or accident. At other times, it seems to appear out of nowhere to plague you and interrupt your daily activities. If you don’t want to sacrifice some items on your daily itinerary because of pain and discomfort, arrange for an initial massage therapy session to relieve the soreness.

Benefits of Massage Therapy


There are numerous benefits of massage therapy.

Our expert will interview you before your massage therapy session begins so that we can understand precisely what pain you’re experiencing and where you feel that pain. Once your massage specialist understands your discomfort, a treatment program can begin to focus on that specific area.

You might have lower back pain, recurring headaches, or a form of stabbing pain around the body. Your therapist will especially be able to advise you on how massage therapy treatment can benefit you in the way of pain relief. Once your therapist is aware of the pain source, one or more of the following types of massage therapy will be used to alleviate your pain:

  • sports Injury massage
  • rehabilitative massage
  • deep tissue massage
  • myofascial massage
  • Swedish massage
  • reflexology

Addressing the Underlying Cause

The specific techniques used will always attempt to tackle the source of your soreness and discomfort. It will also accelerate your body’s natural healing processes. The most critical part of any massage therapy session is discovering the exact source of your pain and discomfort. So it can be emphasized during the manual therapy sessions.

Afterward, we use a whole-body approach to heal the patient. For example, clients with high blood pressure have found that massage therapy significantly lowers blood pressure. This reduction is possible because massage is a reliable method for reducing the body’s stress response.

Our skilled therapists are experienced and knowledgeable in providing a soothing massage that causes stress to fade away, leaving you in a pleasantly relaxed state. To maximize the massage therapy experience, our experts will recommend a specific number of sessions to keep your stress and tension in check. A number that will allow you to function normally in your daily activities.

At Wellness for Life, we offer massage therapy for pain relief, muscle ache relief, and stress release.  Additionally, we offer wellness plans for those looking to continue to remain healthy once their problem is corrected. Book an appointment with us today!

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