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Sports Rehab - Chiropractor in New Jersey
Sports injuries can be tough, and if left unattended or incorrectly treated, can end careers or cause lifetime chronic discomfort for any type of athlete ranging from a weekend warrior to an olympian at the hight of their career.

The key to addressing sports injuries it properly correcting the source of pain, and eliminating nerve interference to allow the body to heal itself more quickly and efficiently. By going through the wrong channels of care, the injury can quickly become nagging and something that requires a lot more work to correct. Therefore it is important to see our team first to ensure the right approach is taken in handling the injury without losing valuable time.

Through utilizing the most advanced, results-oriented, scientific and technologically advanced corrective care techniques, Dr. John McHugh can successfully treat a myriad of sports injuries and get athletes back on the field, typically quicker than conventional techniques.

So if you’ve been injured and frustrated at getting little to no results, contact Dr. John McHugh today for an appointment to find out how we can help address your injury once and for all, giving you many more years of performance.

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