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Shoulder pain is not quite as frequent as back pain in adults, but it can be aggravating when it does occur. It can interfere with your daily activities. When ignored shoulder problems can worsen and become disabling, so you can’t get through an average day. If you were hoping that your shoulder pain would fade away after a few days, you might already have been disappointed to find it still there. Shoulder pain that persists for more than a few days typically has a more significant underlying cause. Sometimes you may have a torn muscle or ligaments that are stretched out of position. Shoulder pain can also come from more chronic sources, like poor posture.

To get things back to normal, you should seek chiropractic treatment that will help to manage your shoulder pain in Hillsdale, NJ. Once you begin working with a chiropractor, you’ll notice that the shoulder pain begins to subside. Your range of motion should also improve. That means it won’t be long before your shoulder is back to normal, and you can once again do all the things on your daily schedule. No one has to live with shoulder pain, so take your troubles to the Wellness for Life clinic and let us make you whole again.

Shoulder conditions treatable by chiropractic care


Many shoulder injuries can be treated without surgery

Given that your shoulders are active in so many of your activities, it increases the odds that shoulder injuries can occur. These might happen while working at your desk or participating in contact sports. They can occur due to poor posture, a car accident, or repetitive motion injuries. Here are some of the most common shoulder conditions routinely treated by chiropractors:

  • rotator cuff sprain
  • rotator cuff tear
  • arthritis
  • tendonitis
  • bursitis
  • frozen shoulder
  • subluxation of the AC joint

What can your chiropractor do?

Often, the pain you feel in your shoulder is due to an injury or subluxation somewhere else in your body. Sometimes neck injuries or rib cage injuries can cause discomfort and pain in the shoulder region. Your chiropractor may adjust the shoulder joint or some other impacted joints that are the underlying cause of your pain and discomfort.

In addition, your chiropractor may recommend some at-home exercises and stretches that will accelerate your recovery and remove much of the pain and discomfort. Doing strengthening exercises is usually very successful at rebuilding stability in a shoulder that has become weakened or painful. We recommend you work to improve your posture to prevent shoulder pain caused by sitting all day at your desk in the office.

The great thing about chiropractic care is that it works to find the source of the pain instead of numbing it with medications or painkillers. When you address the actual cause of your pain through chiropractic manipulations, therapy, and traction sessions, you are more likely to enjoy long-term health benefits. Regardless of the type of shoulder pain one experiences, chiropractic care can significantly reduce pain levels and likely even eliminate them.

At Wellness for Life, we offer chiropractic care for the treatment of shoulder pains from injuries or overuse.  Additionally, we offer wellness plans for those looking to continue to remain healthy once their problem is corrected. Book an appointment with us today!

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